youtube climb technique

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youtube climb technique

Here’s the brutal truth about Vlogging:

There are way too many people in video marketing that think only great content can do the job of bringing in the thousands of views…

They think “If I can publish good content people will naturally start watching my stuff”

If only it were that easy…

But if you’re serious about generating the organic views from YouTube you need to be very systematic with how you optimize and promote your content.

Otherwise, you are just blindly trying the methods in the hope of “it may work”…

Well, today I am going to show you a technique that almost guarantees that you get ranked your videos in YouTube search and related videos section and get the highest possible views.

Just keep reading with the focus to learn how…

YouTube Climb Technique (Video Marketing for Experts)

On August 20th I updated my channels content to professional and more focused on the single topic.

I started executing the “YouTube climb technique”, the number of big content websites mentioning my videos in their articles started rising immediately.

To be exact my videos embedded by 42 related websites (most of them having the huge audience).

More importantly, Organic search traffic to my entire YouTube channel increased rapidly after just 40 days.

The results of October 28 Days:

My subscribers doubled too (before it was almost 5k per month as an average):

The exciting Part?

You can do the same for your YouTube channel…even if you don’t have much experience in the online video content promotion.

The 4 Steps to use the “YouTube Climb Technique” to rank high in YouTube search and related videos

Here are the 4 steps that make the YouTube climb Technique

Step 1: Make Channel on Single Niche (Topic)

Step 2: Optimize Videos for High Ranking

Step 3: Find Websites interested in your Content

Step 4: Email Outreach them for your Videos Promotion and Backlinks

Here’s why this technique has worked so well (and why I am calling it the climb technique):

You are going to just focus on the single topic for your channel videos and it surely gives you the look of an expert in that specific niche…

And after optimizing the content for YouTube search and related videos you will reach the right people for getting shares in front of their big audience…

So, it will not only give you the boost in views but also make your content climbs high in YouTube search while someone is searching for your topic…

You can all do this yourself and observe the big results…

Step 1: Make Your Channel on Single Niche (Topic)

This is super easy but most of the people fail to understand the importance of working on single niche…

Let’s say you love watching the motivational videos. Will you subscribe to the channel uploading only motivational content or the one also uploading funny videos?

If you are like most of the people you will subscribe to the channel uploading only great motivational content right?

This is how you can earn credibility by working on a single topic.

Even when you are making the videos you also need to present the content in a unique way that no one else is doing in your niche that makes people share your content…

So, when you are working on a single niche it will also present you as a go-to expert on that topic.

But in case if you have the big niche channel like you are talking about sports including football, cricket, hockey then you need to organize your content in different playlists format…

When you have organized content then people who came for watching the football updates will see the football related content and others came for cricket should see the cricket content in suggestions….

This is a very good example of sticking the people to your channel after they landed on your first video.

It’s always better to get more views on less content than no views on many videos…

In a Nutshell: It’s very important to work on a single topic in order to get the authority and maximum user engagement.

Step 2: Optimize Videos for Higher YouTube Rankings

If your videos are ranking on the first page of YouTube when someone is searching for the related terms to your channel or videos then you can get the maximum views….

You may already know that related videos section is also a big source of viewers on YouTube.

But for ranking in search listings and related videos section you need to optimize your content in a way that YouTube starts understanding your videos topics and list you in search results.

Here’s how you can optimize your videos:

Make a Catchy Title:

First, I must tell you a fact that “In online content, 80 percent of the people read only your content headlines”

So, if you need more views you have to take it very seriously.

Your aim here is to make a video title which is including a related keyword and click magnet words…

For finding the video related keyword I use this tool and it will throw you the keywords with estimated searches per month, here’s the example:


Simply select one related keyword with good searches and add it once in your title.

After selecting the keyword now your task is to make the title very catchy that everyone wants to click on your headline…

For example: if you are targeting the keyword “German shepherd dog training”

You should have to come up with the sticky titles like

“Step by Step German Shepherd Dog Training Guide”

“German Shepherd dog training: An Ultimate guide”

If you are writing these kinds of titles which are using the appealing words in them, you will get more eyeballs on your content…

You can also check that which titles are doing a perfect job in generating the social shares or user engagements by opening the buzzsumo and putting in your main keyword…

So, after checking the most popular content headlines in your niche you can modify them and use them in your content for proven results…

Write Brief Video Description:

Most of the people confused the YouTube descriptions concept by manipulating it for higher rankings…

As they think that adding too many related keywords in the video description will help boost the rankings but it actually removes your videos from search now…

YouTube can now understand the optimizations very smartly and you have to write the brief video descriptions just for giving the details about your video topic.

So, it is still important because you are making it very easy for YouTube crawlers to understand the topic of your videos and getting listed for those keywords.

Speak your keywords in Video:

As you already know that YouTube and Google are no more just relying on the keywords that you have included in the titles and descriptions…

They can now understand the content and rank it accordingly…
So, YouTube can now actually understand what you are talking in the video using the English Language…

It’s not very accurate but they understand almost 80 percent of your talking that you can check by turning on the auto-subtitles as well…

Whenever I am recording the video I say the main keyword 3-4 times, it surely helps to give the understanding of your topic.

Upload a Video Transcript:

I must remind you again that the biggest source of getting the views on YouTube is from search and related videos section.

Uploading a video transcript will also help YouTube to understand your video topic completely and in my experience, it will start ranking your videos quickly in related searches.

As after uploading many video transcripts I started seeing the good results.

Add YouTube video tags:

Tags are not very important now but it can maybe give you the slight edge in ranking.

But I am not going to suggest you add the hundreds of tags in every video but you can add 4-5 related keywords tags in each video.

I normally add only 5 related keywords tags in my channel videos.

Optimize for CTR (Click through Rate):

CTR is also considered as one of the working ranking factors on YouTube.

It works like if your video is ranking on the 7th spot for a keyword but people are clicking on your video due to catchy headlines or thumbnails than clicking on above-ranking videos…

Also, after clicking on your video if they stick with your content then it will give a positive signal that your video is more related to the searched terms…

So along with the catchy titles, you also need to paint an attractive thumbnail that people only want to click on your video…

For thumbnail you can add one more catchy headline on it with a cool related image, you can learn this from the videos having high videos in your niche.

Step 3: Find Websites interested in your Content

Now you are all set with content and it’s time to actually promote your content professionally…

You can simply take the keyword of one video and search it on Google for finding the websites which are providing content on that topic like if your video topic is “German Shepherd dog training”

You can search it on Google and open all the websites like first 20-25 results and get the contact information of the blogs which only individuals are running (because you can easily approach them).

Further, for extracting the more results you can also search for the related terms to your keyword which Google is showing at the end for finding the similar content websites…

Like when I searched “German Shepherd Dog Training” it’s showing me the other related keywords like German shepherd puppy training…

So, Now I searched for German shepherd dog training and found some different websites working on the same content which never appeared in results with the first keyword.

In this way, you can collect the maximum websites working on your content topics and get their contact information from their Contact US or About Me pages and make a good list.

The big websites like wikihow which are powered by big companies are not going to be useful, so you need to collect the blogs which are developed by single content creator like yourself.

Step 4: Email Outreach them for Videos Promotion

Email outreach is the core of the YouTube Climb Technique.

No doubt, quality backlinks is one of the major YouTube ranking factors. When some related websites embed your videos in their content you will see a good boost in rankings.

Now, as you already have the list of websites by following step 3 which are providing the content related to your video, it’s time to approach them for your promotion.

I emailed 316 people running websites related to my videos using this template:

(I personally tweaked the template for everyone I reached out)
Out of 316 people I got 42 embeds of my video: a 13% success rate

You may be thinking, “42 embeds, that’s it?”.

But remember it’s about the quality of backlinks not about the quantity.

There were a lot of big sites in those 42 links which boosts the rankings of my videos and improves the credibility of the channel.

Besides, you can also notice the rise in the organic traffic from YouTube.

Some websites also mentioned my videos organically in their articles but the best links I got are from YouTube Climb Technique.

Final Words:

When you are applying the YouTube climb technique you are actually making the channel with the content which is highly focused on the specific type of user’s interest.

You are also optimizing the content perfectly for getting the higher rankings to those related terms.

At last, you are making the very related high-quality backlinks for your videos which can surely help you in rankings.

I hope you can see the potential of this technique for your channel and business. Yes, it requires hard work but with this strategy, you are almost sure that your hard work is going to pay off…

Try it yourself and let me know about your results of YouTube Climb technique…

My name is Adam and I'm from California. I'm 24 and work full time from home since 5 years when I was lucky enough to capture a video which goes viral on Youtube for 7 Million views. At that time I realized that I could make this Vlogging thing work. Read more About Me

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Adam Barton

My name is Adam and I'm from California. I'm 24 and work full time from home since 5 years when I was lucky enough to capture a video which goes viral on Youtube for 7 Million views. At that time I realized that I could make this Vlogging thing work. Read more About Me

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